Benefits of Using Rigid Boxes

From last few years, custom rigid boxes are used for the packaging of the products. Especially in the USA, they are in great demand for packaging of precious and fragile products. They are mostly used for the packaging of fragile products like Mobile phones, tablets etc. Hard material used for the packaging of these rigid boxes differentiates them from other boxes.

If we would talk about small and medium businesses, they prefer to use this box instead of an ordinary cardboard box. It depends on the nature of the product that which material to use for packaging. These rigid boxes are usually available in one piece and two-piece style. You can do any type of custom printing on them for your brand identity. Most people and companies like to place their logo on these boxes while some like silver and gold foiling on them.

Rigid boxes are attractive enough to attract people towards your brand and product. They are also available in plain white and black color without any kind of printing but most people prefer them along with different color printing on them.  


pros and cons of rigid packaging


Pros and Cons of Customized Rigid Boxes

Let us discuss some important pros and cons of these rigid boxes that differentiate them from simple cardboard or kraft boxes


  • Rigid Boxes are of high quality
  • Your product inside them remain safe due to the hardness of box
  • They are attractive enough to attract your potential customers


  • They are slightly expensive as compared to cardboard boxes or simple custom kraft boxes
  • Their shipping is expensive because of its volume

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Custom Deluxe Boxes

Custom Deluxe Boxes