Hair Extension Boxes

Custom Hair Extension Boxes- Create A Unique Packaging Design for Your Fashion Items

Custom Hair Extension BoxesFashion world is launching new products all the time. Demand for hair extensions is now exploding as every other salon or makeup artist is using hair extensions to do a flawless hair makeover. Hair extensions are used for adding length and fullness to the hair to create different styles or simply to add more volume. They are clipped, glued or even sewed to the hair. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that hair extensions are going to remain a fashion trend for many coming years.

With the increased demand in hair extensions these days, many salons and brands have already launched their hair extensions but you can mark a difference by investing in unique and custom hair extension boxes for your salon or company. With the growing market, you can still capture a decent share from people who are eager to buy by introducing your own line of eye-catching hair extension boxes that lure customers to pick your hair extensions right away from the shelves when they see it. Our 100% hand crafted and amazing designs of hair extension boxes can attract more customers to your brand then you think.

Now improve your sales and attract more customers with beautiful and captivating hair extension boxes that come in all sizes and shapes. Our durable hair extension boxes protect your hair extensions and maintain its shine for long. Customized hair extension boxes add a class and uniqueness to your brand image. Poor and dull packaging doesn’t attract anyone. So, if you are looking for hair extension boxes then we have everything for everyone. You can even design these hair extension boxes to give it a personalized look for your brand.

Personalized Hair Extension Packaging for Your Brand

You can select the manufacturing material and packaging design for a personalized hair extension packaging. Design your own hair extension boxes from a variety of styles. To make your hair extension boxes look unique and premium quality product you can play with our exclusive print designing techniques that include, foil stamping, window patching, embossing and debossing. Custom hair extension boxes also allow you to have your logo printed on the boxes to give it your signature look. Some more features of our hair extension boxes are as following,

Features of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

  • Mention the instructions to use, post-application care and details for washing the extensions
  • Protect hair extensions from external contaminations
  • Maintain the quality of hair extension by protecting it from harsh temperature
  • Unique hair extension packaging designs available to attract the customers
  • Launch seasonal packaging to appeal more customers to buy hair extensions
  • Vivid colors and stark designs of hair extension box creates a unique brand outlook
  • Custom hair extension boxes allow you to print your logo on the front for brand recognition
  • Improve brand prominence with unique style and shapes of hair extension packaging
  • Variety of sizes, shapes and hair extension packaging styles are offered
  • Add on plastic sheet window panes allow the customers to see the original product
  • Add on hangings, seals and custom pouches are also available
  • Choose from a variety of coating/finish for the box such as Semi-Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV

People are now attracted to unique packaging designs. They love to buy products that are packed in colourful or unique design boxes. The best way to capture and instigate customers to buy your product is to make the first impression eye-catching. You can easily do this by investing in a unique style hair extension packaging box.

Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale Rates Available

Get your customized hair extension boxes at wholesale rates when placing the order in bulk. Our state of the art digital printing facilities and machines are well equipped for dealing with large quantities and wholesale hair extension boxes. Our wholesale hair extension boxes are a great choice to showcase your beautiful and delicate hair extensions.

Get free design consultancy from our in-house creative directors for hair extension box design. Whether you have the artwork or you want us to design the hair extension boxes for you, we have you covered.

Order 100 pieces or 500,000, we can quickly cater to your requirements. It doesn’t matter how many hair extension boxes you have ordered. We deliver your hair extension boxes at wholesale rates within 6 to 7 business days at your doorstep. Our high quality and innovative work make you stand out from the crowd. Order bulk premium quality hair extension boxes for your hair extensions from us today.