Since the services and products which are being given by customdeluxeboxes.com are customized according to the customer’s query, it is suggested that the customer must notify the firm, if the delivered goods aren’t according to their own requirements and requirements, or are faulty, at orders@customdeluxeboxes.com within 3 working days after receiving the order. A charge back isn’t possible, though, a free re-print of this order is offered by the firm if the fault in the item is demonstrated to be on the organization’s side. The flaw is determined by the management team of the company. Complete order must be sent back within seven working days by the client at their own cost together with appropriate documents or product’s flaws and digital photographs so the order could be reprinted properly. If the fault is in the customer’s end and still they need a refund, they will need to send us back the printed job, a charge back will be offered after deducting the product’s installation and shipping price by the business.